The Bastards MC Germany was founded in spring 2002 in the Franconian beech forest. The first color had the colors black and white and was partly in the album cover of a well-known band imitated. In autumn 2002 the first chapter was founded in Waiblingen.

In 2003 a Nomads Chapter was established. In the same year the chapter Gaildorf was launched.

Also in 2004 the Bastards MC expanded again and opened the chapter Abtsgmünd.

The year 2005 then became a very turbulent year for the still young history of the Bastards MC Germany, because there were irreconcilable differences with the founding adapter. The majority of the club decided to close the founding fixture, which happened in the summer of the year.

Already at this time, there were already lively contacts with other bastard clubs in Europe, but the contact with Bastards MC Borlange in Sweden, which was founded in 1997, was the closest. They got to know each other on the Internet, and after their first visit they quickly realized that they had a lot in common and were following the same ideals. After the exclusion of the founding adapter and the ever closer contact to the Bastards MC Borlange, it was decided in a longer process that the German and Swedish Bastards MC’s will go under one color.

A new color was developed together, in which both already existing Color were united and so the today’s color of the Bastards MC developed. After the merger of the two MC’s you start with five chapters in another chapter of the Bastards MC.

In 2007, our members, Swede and Sveni, who were enthusiastic super moto riders, founded the Bastards Super Moto Racing Team, which is very successful from the very beginning.

The next addition to Bastards MC could be welcomed in 2010 with the chapters Sala in Sweden and Riverside in Germany.

In 2012 more chapters were opened. In Sweden the Chapter Pitea and in Germany the Chapter Southwest and as a prospect Chapter Southeast.

In 2013 the Chapter Southeast will be given its fullmember status.

2015 – due to disagreement with the Bastards MC philosophy, the Chapter Sala Sweden leaves the Bastards MC.

In the same year the chapter Crailsheim was founded with the old members Ralf, Bobbel and Lisa with some prospectus and hangaround.

In August 2015 the Munich Chapter Southeast splits up and a new chapter South Side develops.

With the club house inauguration in April 2016, the Chapter South Side gets fullmeber status.